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What Is Hydro Microdermabrasion Facial?

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Hydro Microdermabrasion Facial is know as "Celebrity Facial", it's the latest and the greatest way to remove dead cells from the skin to eliminate dark spots and hypergigmentation. With less pain and irritation than the traditional diamond-tipped treatment, this new technology uses water and oxugen to effortlessly exofliate the skin. It is the #1 Facial Treatment of 2019

Benefits of Hydrodermabrasion Facial:

  • Cleaner, Healthier, and increases hydration.

  • Normalized production sebum and skin oil.

  • Less post-acne pigments spots.

  • Improved immune support of the skin.

  • Significant reduction in post acne.

  • More even skin texture.

  • Cleaner and reduced pores.

Oxygen Infusion System

It is the splendid final touch to the Hydro Luxx Treatment.

Once finished with the Hydro Luxx treatment, the Oxygen infusion system will infuse the skin with immense hydration and restoration. Any residing irritation or redness will be eliminated.

The process then allows the skin cells to increase the rate of its metabolism and production of collagen

Additional benefits include an increases youthful appearance, smooth skin, and accelerated hydration for a brighter complexion.


As a result, radiant, smooth and rejuvenated skin is achieved.

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